Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ukm schoollife~

now im in ukm ~but cant type chinese~so have to use english~:(

in the past one week im joined orientation week in ukm...so tough....
tis orientation week lasted 1 week,from 28/6 untill 4/7~
in tis 7 days, my total sleeping time is almost 10 hours only...so pity...
many things happed within tis one weeks...
fortunately its over now~:)

tis week i start my new schoollife in ukm ,faculty science and technology,taking environmental science course~
i make many new frens here~feel happy living in my new schoollife~:)
today we juz formed a new group,called "wu bao tai" in chinese~
its means tat our courses time are almost same,so we can go anywhere together~
in our group,there were 5 persons~2 boys 3 girls~

>>> The eldest : Aw Yong Phui Yee
>>> Second : Loo Mun Cheong
>>> Third : Sin Yin Lok (me)
>>> Fourth : Jafon Ng Mum Zhong
>>> Fifth : Ong Hwee Lee

although we all came from different state and different college...
i still feel happy to make frens wiv them~
hope our frenship can last forever and ever~^^


  1. Haha, no bad type in English~ make your blog look high class d~ wahaha ~~
    very good, hav a geng d~~^^tat's why i ask you no nid to worry, sure got geng de ~no need to be alone~:D
    gambate oh!!

  2. 是咯~不过我用回华语了~:P